We develop agricultural products that maximize existing soil nutrients, reduce fertilizer usage, increase yield and improve plant nutrition.

Our long term goal is to significantly reduce harmful fertilizer and chemical runoff in ecological systems around the world through use of our patented, unique biofertilizers.

01. Reduce harmful runoff

Amplifying the soil nutrient profile by enhancing soil biology reduces carbon and harmful nutrient and chemical runoff into our streams and rivers. What happen upstream effects what happens down streams and that is why we stand behind our organic products.

02.OMRI & CFA listed

Our teem has listed with State Agriculture Departments and passed both OMRI and CFA certification’s. Trusted products we stand behind, with certification to prove.

03.Healthy Sustrainable Food

Health food starts with health soil. Blacksmith Bioscience, believes that a health plant starts with the food we grow. That is why are are product work syllogistic with nature to harness the benefits of biology rather than falling back to harsh chemicals.