Our products are kick ass but not when they are expired. If you are in possession of a Blacksmith
BioScience product that is past the Best If Used By date and is unopened, you may return it to us
and it will be 100% replaced at no charge from us.

Who can take advantage of this return policy?
This policy applies to growers, dealers or distributors or anyone else. If your Grandma’s cat
knows how to ship a bag of expired Armory, we will send fresh product back to Socks for free.

100%? So if I have an entire pallet of expire product you will replace it?
Yes, this actually happened to us. A distributor of ours had found an entire pallet of Nitryx in the
very far side of a disorganized portion of their warehouse. It was 6 months past expiration date.
They shipped it to us and we replaced it all at no charge. They have since cleaned an organized
their warehouse.

You replace the product at ‘no charge’? Is there a hidden fee?
Nope. You just handle the shipping to us and we will take care of the rest.

If I bought the product from a distributor, shouldn’t I just send it back to them?
Depending on the distributor, that could be an option. It would be much more simple to send it
direct to us as distributors handle a lot products from many manufacturers and a return could take
a while and be more trouble than its worth. But, hey, whatever you want to do, some people like
to complicate their lives.

Can I get credit instead of replacement product?
If you purchased the product directly from us: yes. We will give you credit and you can draw
from that in smaller amounts of product or can take it all at once when the growing season

This sounds extraordinarily generous. Why do you do this?
We know all of you are running businesses and bad product means potentially money lost.
We work closely with our partners to minimize the amount of time Blacksmith products are in
the warehouse and on the shelves but sometimes we goof.
We’re going to be here for a while. We’d like you to be here with us.