Armory SP​

A powerful blend of beneficial bacteria to maximize plant vigor

Armory SP is a blend of powerful Bacillus and Streptomyces beneficial microbes that are all scientifically proven to promote  enhanced roots, vigor and yield. Each microorganism has its own unique function that compliments the entire group and provides maximum aid to the plant.
MegaPhos SP

A high concentration of a unique, natural, microorganism named Bacillus megaterium strain HM87

This potent microorganism is essential for soils that contain bound or unavailable phosphorous. Phosphorus is solubilized enzymatically making it easily absorbed by plants even in adverse conditions.

Nitryx SP

A high concentration of beneficial bacteria that can reduce nitrogen use by up to 15% or more

Nitrogen is a primary building block for plant growth. Research has shown Nitryx SP reduces the need for traditional chemical fertilizers by converting atmospheric nitrogen to a form usable by plants.





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